Hi, I'm Mackenzie, a 32-year-old mom who spends most of her days tripping over legos and dog toys, and finding ways to drop The Office, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones references into daily life.

I used to think that my best life involved shiny titles; I've learned from crashing and burning and utterly failing that living for an impressive Christian resume is the opposite of abundance. It not only sucked the life out of me, but it's a life that only works for the upwardly mobile, the privileged, the happy-clappy. It leaves no room for suffering, for questions, for the hard and beautiful tensions that people actually live with, things that don't fit into one-liners or snappy titles. And most of all, it shoves aside the massive grace of Jesus, putting me in the spotlight and relegating Him to the Guy Who Got Me Where I Am Today. 

So before I share any of who I am, of who my family is and what our day jobs are, let me just say this: Jesus and His wild love is the reason I'm still standing today. There's no greater title, no higher life, than being called God's Beloved Child, a position I'll never earn but one I daily enjoy and revel in. I get to do some really cool things with Him and my vocation is very Christ-focused. But it's all because Jesus has captured our hearts and continues to heal our wounds, not because we've got even one iota of our lives "together." Just ask my children, who learned most of their four-letter words from me. 

For starters, the "pint-sized mama" thing -- I'm 4'8" tall, roughly the height of your average 9-year old. I live in Seattle with my husband, our two rowdy sons, and a rarely-groomed puppy. 

A quick snapshot of our life: we began our marriage with 5 wonderful, wild years on staff with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). In 2013 we moved home to Seattle, to help plant a church where I'm currently the Director of Women's Ministry + Discipleship. I'm sloooowly working my way through seminary, as well as navigating the thyroid autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with in 2017. Brian serves his heart out on the weekends at our beloved church, as well as working his full-time job as an Account Executive (aka super talented I'm-so-proud-of-him salesman). 

I grew up in ministry and always thought it was my job to work for Jesus; now (I still have a little bit of a complex but) I've mostly learned that Jesus is REALLY good at His job. Trying to be God's Best Employee mostly sucks -- I'd rather be that tiny child with poofy blond hair tagging along with my Dad on "Take your Daugther to Work Day." That's mostly was life with Jesus is like; following Him around, trying to do what He does, and letting Him come clean up the mess when I accidentally break the copier. 

A few things I love...
  • reading nerdy fantasy novels
  • playing Legos with my kids
  • sneaking glances into Brian's dreamy blue eyes
  • quizzing my twin brother on pop culture
  • FaceTiming with my nieces and nephews
  • public speaking
  • when other people cook for me
  • letting Brian push me out of my comfort zone (I'm an enneagram 6 married to an enneagram 7)
  • listening to podcasts
  • stress cleaning
So thanks for stopping by, and may the force be with you, fire cannot kill a dragon, that's what she said, and summon the howlers. (I told you I'm a nerd.)


  1. Hi Mackenzie,

    Just letting you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You don't necessarily have to do anything- just know that I love reading your blog and be encouraged :-)

    Read more about it here...


  2. Officially i adore you!!! I am so i found your blog!!! I am excited to get to know you better. (: (: you have a beautiful family.

  3. Hello, Mackenzie!
    I just found your blog and I love it! :)
    P.S. Nicholas is adorable!!!

  4. I'm 4'11" and have always wanted to cross that barrier into five foot land, but have yet to (and won't considering I'm done growing). But my mantra has always been that good things come in small packages. So many strong people in my life have been small and mighty.


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