In short, I'm a 30-year-old mom who spends most of her days tripping over legos and dog toys, and finding ways to drop The Office, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones references into daily life.

Ok, the slightly longer version: 

My name is Mackenzie, and I'm 4'8" tall, hence the "pint-sized mama" thing. I live in Seattle with my salesman-church planter husband, our two rowdy sons, and a mischievous puppy. We're former YWAMers (Youth With A Mission staff) where we disicpled other young people in serving Jesus, and moved to Seattle in 2013 to help plant a church in the heart of the city. I recently stepped down from my part-time job with a wonderful ministry for moms, so I'm exploring this new season of fully being a "stay at home mom." In February 2017 I was diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune disease, so I'm continually learning how to take care of myself, as I serve my family and our young church plant. 

A few things I love:
  • chatty women podcasts
  • reading the Bible
  • spending time with friends
  • quizzing my twin brother on pop culture
  • public speaking, preaching, and teaching
  • staring into my husband's dreamy blue eyes
  • when other people cook for me
  • reading
  • exploring the city with my family
  • Star Wars
  • doing kids yoga videos with my boys
I'm grateful for this space, which began in 2012. I used to blog daily and was involved in several online networks and ministries, and loved that season of life. Now, through several years and shifts in life, I'm focusing mostly in my home and my city, but still find joy in sharing words from time to time. 

So thanks for stopping by, and may the force be with you or something like that.


  1. Hi Mackenzie,

    Just letting you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You don't necessarily have to do anything- just know that I love reading your blog and be encouraged :-)

    Read more about it here...


  2. Officially i adore you!!! I am so i found your blog!!! I am excited to get to know you better. (: (: you have a beautiful family.

  3. Hello, Mackenzie!
    I just found your blog and I love it! :)
    P.S. Nicholas is adorable!!!

  4. I'm 4'11" and have always wanted to cross that barrier into five foot land, but have yet to (and won't considering I'm done growing). But my mantra has always been that good things come in small packages. So many strong people in my life have been small and mighty.


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