Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Goals

I'm blogging...what year is this, 2013? Dumb jokes aside, I've been itching to get all my to-do's and hope-to-do's all in one place and well, a blog post seemed like the perfect place for it. The past few months have been messy and fairly unplanned, and that's ok. (Basically, summer.) But I've felt the Lord gently nudging me to add in some (simple, realistic) structure.

And in this nudging, there's been an encouragement, too: don't let my lists manage me. Getting things done won't make God love me more, and accomplishments are a sad replacement for just being present with people and living life by the Spirit. So I'm not making these lists with an all-or-nothing attitude; I know that there's work that has to be done and that God placed me in this season for a purpose - and goals help get things done on purpose! I want to be faithful, serve my family well, and do my work. So my goals are a mix of work, rest, family, fun, spiritual, body health -basically, just wanting to live my life with Jesus on purpose. Here goes!

De-clutter my house, starting with: the kids clothes, toys, and our bathroom
Simple steps, even if it's in 10 minute increments. Put stuff in bags to donate, throw away, or store.

Find a new chapter book to read with Nicholas
We've been reading a chapter of a book together daily, and it's been so special. Just finished the "My Father's Dragon" trilogy, so we need something new!

Plan a birthday double-date with my twin brother!
We turn 29 on September 22, and I want to spend time with him and our spouses.

Re-establish morning routine, as Nicholas goes off to preschool next week
Simple routine, nothing crazy. Extra points (for myself) if we eliminate TV time in the morning.

Self care: get a haircut, see my naturopath
And get a good vitamin/probiotic regimen down!

Finish up 2 fun Thrive Moms projects
One writing project, one project for my amazing Prayer Ministry team!

Have a date-night "in" with Brian

Evaluate my screen time
What's helpful? What's distracting? Where is my heart as I approach it? Do I PLAN on margin and quiet space, for all of our family?

Finish reading "The Gifts of Imperfection"

Get up before the boys Monday-Friday
Again, simple goals: read my Bible and put on my makeup. Start the day with peace.

Keep eating clean

3 workouts a week
2 yoga, 1 HIIT-type of workout

Read the Bible with my boys 3x a week

Get back to Sunday afternoon planning
Meals/grocery, looking at the calendar, remembering what fires me up and what God is calling me to in this season.

Start my morning quiet times with silence.
No phones, no music. Just inviting God in and taking a deep breath, for a few minutes.

Pray for a different person every morning. 
I made a little list of people to pray for each day. Simple, no guilt. Not going to pray for an hour each day, just starting somewhere.

CONNECT with my kids and with Brian 
Look in their eyes, giggle, speak life. Agenda-less time, just presence.

Social media free 2pm-7pm 
When Nick gets home from school and we're all together as a family, I want the boys to see healthy rhythms of technology - and also of intentional family connection. This means I have to actually BE healthy in my rhythms. Yikes. I think this will be a challenge, but a good one.

Drink water and take vitamins
Give my kids their vitamins too!

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