Friday, May 29, 2015

an apology to my second child, and 6 ways he makes our hearts melt

I started this blog when my Nicholas was 3 months old -- now he's 3 and half! It was "back in the day" when Instagram was not a huge deal, and people blogged a few times a week. So Nicholas had letters written to him, monthly updates, and the whole mommy blogger shebang.

Fast forward three years, and my poor, sweet little second child is pretty much non-existent on this blog. I'm sorry Rainier! You're 13 months old, and you have 5 blog posts about you. FIVE! So it goes with the second kiddo I guess, and with the fact that blogging as frequently as we all used to has become a way of the past.

But, the lack of blogging about you, Rainy Roo, has nothing to do with your status in our family. This Rainier of ours is the cuddly, joyful, big-eyed joy of a little brother and all of us, including Nick, adore him. So to sorta make up for your serious lack of real estate on my blog, here are:

6 Ways that Rainier Makes Our Hearts Melt

1. YOUR EYES. Those BIG, wide, blue eyes of yours have got some magic in them. It is not an exaggeration whatsoever to say that we get stopped in public almost every time we go out, by someone commenting on your eyes. They also happen to melt hearts everywhere, with how expressive they are. Those eyes are going to get you in trouble with the ladies someday, my boy -- and I guess your Dad will have to teach you how to fend the ladies off, because those eyes of his are what got me, too.

2. That raspy voice of yours. You've always had a low little coo, and now your first words are coming out a bit gruff and raspy, and it is stinkin' adorable. As of this month, you YELL "DaDa!," and you growl "Grampa." You're taking your time with "Mama," but that's ok because I know I'm your favorite.

3. Please never stop cuddling, ok? The feeling of your chubby, dimpled hand, softly stroking my chin and grabbing the hair on the nape of my neck as you nurse - I wish I could bottle that up. Your favorite "move" right now when we're holding you is to throw your arms to your sides and nuzzle your head into our necks and just lay there limp. It's funny and sweet, just like you.

4. Your fake cry is ON POINT. It's both hilarious and a little terrifying.

5. The giggles and exciting, stomp-y walk that comes out of you when you see your Daddy. There's nothing else like watching you walk to him when he gets home from work. The raspy babbles come out, your feet pad down our hallway with your arms up in the air, and you cling to him like you'll never let him go.

6. You and Nicholas are thick as thieves, and I pray to the Lord that this never changes. You're happiest when your big brother is in the room and the giggle-filled wrestling matches have begun. It's a JOY to watch you guys love each other!

We love you Rainer Caleb. Watching you become who you are is a gift from God, and we simply cannot imagine our family without you. Thanks Jesus for letting me be this boy's mama.

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