Saturday, April 11, 2015

nine notes

Eep! It's been almost a month since my last blog post - can you tell it's been a crazy month? There's been many nights and naptimes when my fingers are aching to type and my heart is dying to spill out onto a blank page, but growing kiddos and a few deadlines and trying to spend more time with my hot husband have won out. So here's a little catch up on the last month, in the form of nine notes.

1. The main thing March and April have been full of are these guys. They really do make my world go 'round. This picture is from Easter, and I can't stop staring at those handsome dudes. I am lucky.

2. Oh Nicky. This boy could live in his bike helmet! We've been biking together as a family, with the boys attached to Brian's bike in a bike trailer, and their heads adorably bobbing next to one another in their helmets. Those moments have been my favorite of the past several weeks.

3. Hurricane Rainier has hit the Byersdorf home. Dumping out the contents of every drawer or bin around, smashing block towers like it's his job, breaking his first plate and having it shatter all over the floor - the fun begins! And my eyes are never off of this crawling, sometimes-walking, crazyman.

4. Brian and his mini me. Also, Rainer turns 1 next week. ONE. Insert tears here.

5. Sunshine, you guys! Whenever it's been above 50 degrees, we've found a way to get out. Rainier eats a lot of grass but it's usually really fun.

6. Somehow, Nicholas grew up in the past few weeks. Me and Brian keep looking at each other and wondering when this creative, funny, smart little guy became a little boy, and not just a toddler. He's full-blown THREE, in every wonderful, slightly terrifying and aggravating, sense of the word.

7. Moms, mark your calendars for 11:00am CST on May 2nd! I am so excited about the Thrive Moms "Chosen" Spring Retreat. This past month has been full of preparing, and I think this is really going to be a blessing to you. It's free, it's all online, and we get to soak up wisdom and inspiration from seasoned moms who want to help us walk in the truth that we are chosen daughters of a really loving Father. We've also got an amazing devotional and prayer journal - check it out!

8. My first time at Chick-Fil-A, because now there are three in the state of Washington! Nicholas loved the cow, the food was seriously good, and we had a blast going with the Reyes Family.

9. Proof that my blog isn't the only thing being neglected -- this was my kitchen today. You'd disown me as a friend if you saw my bedroom. This is real life, baby! 

Thanks for sticking with me, friends. Here's to another slightly crazy month, to enjoying my boys, to probably still a messy house, and to hopefully blogging a little bit more often.

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