Tuesday, April 21, 2015

my first honest company purchase -- and why, on a tight budget, I'm a regular customer 13 months later :: an honest story

Don't let the giant belly scare you. Because honestly it scares me.

In March 2014, I was 8 months pregnant, and my then toddler pranced around our living room and unknowingly kicked over an entire mug of coffee - all over my cream-colored carpet. I quickly (can women who are 8 months pregnant do anything "quickly?") sopped up as much of the liquid as I could, but it was obvious that the carpet was going to hold a strong reminder of my latte. So like anyone wanting to remove a stain before it becomes permanently imbedded into your carpet, I ran to my kitchen cupboard and grabbed a carpet stain remover.

It was probably a sight to see my swollen belly grazing the floor, as I bent down on my hands and knees, alternately spraying carpet cleaner and then blotting with a rag. After less than a minute of working to get the stain out, I was incredibly dizzy, completely nauseous, and legitimately close to passing out. It wasn't just the big belly; the smell and fumes from my carpet cleaner were so strong.

I slowly sat up, stopped spraying, and looked at the bottle in my hand. We lived on a VERY tight budget - but did that mean my only option was a stain remover that quite literally made me sick? I'm not a healthy-living extremist and at that point I owned maybe one natural cleaning product, but I knew in that moment I needed to find safer alternatives to what was currently sitting under my kitchen sink. The idea of my babies crawling around on that carpet - yikes.

That same afternoon I made my first Honest Company purchase -- their Stain Remover.

Now, that sweet baby is a year old (eep!), and during this past year I've tried quite a few of the Honest Company's products. To be perfectly honest (pun so not intended) there have been one or two products that I've felt a little meh about -- but I've loved every other product - and I've been so impressed by the helpfulness of their customer service whenever I've had an issue. So if I share about the Honest Co. from time to time, you can know that I'm not a robot; I'll be honest. (Another's hard to avoid that!)

I love that I know what's in each bottle. I love that when Nicholas "helps" me wash our windows, he's not inhaling a bunch of fumes. I super love that while we're still on a pretty darn tight budget, I can actually afford organic baby Shampoo + Body Wash and Oxy BoostI love that these products work really well. And hello organic Toothpaste that doesn't taste like you're sucking on plain baking soda.

So that's a bit of my Honest Co. story. I'm a regular customer, not because natural living is trendy, but because I can keep my babies and my home clean, in a safe way, and on a real person's budget. And for the record, the stain remover kicked that coffee stain's booty.


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission - but there is no extra cost to you! I genuinely love these products, and I've shared about them quite a few times in non-affiliate posts because I'm such a fan :) So these opinions really are my own.

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