Friday, January 9, 2015

january goals

I do have a "word of the year" - actually two of them - but I want things to simmer in my heart just a bit longer before I write them for the world to see. (Because the whole world reads my blog, didn't you know that?) Jokes. Joking.

So I'm doing things slightly backwards, in the blogging world, and sharing my monthly goals before the "big picture 2015" post. My blog, I do what I want. (That came out sassier than I had planned. I meant that in a nice way.)

Anywho - goals for January! I realize I'm starting the year off by being late in putting up a "January goals" post - after all, a week of this month has already passed. But better late than never, right? My family was hit with a cold, and it's decided to stay for 2 weeks, so I'm behind on most things in life. The blog is following suit. :) Ok! If you've made it this far and have read the jumbled mess that is my sleep-deprived, stuffed up brain, you win a million friendship points. Onto the actual goals:

Finish my Powersheets:
I've felt a nudge from the Lord over the past few months to prayerfully, and realistically, set some goals. He has given me a few dreams for this year and I really want to follow through on them - with His grace and His power fueling me.
Lara Casey's Powersheets are in incredible tool to set goals, with real life in mind. I've barely started these babies and I want to finish them this month. 

Read & work through "Make It Happen" by Lara Casey
I'm a few chapters in, and this book is already life changing. No exaggeration. Like Lara writes, I want to make WHAT MATTERS happen this year. I want to love God and love people, and obey the Lord in the specific ways He's given me to do that. This book is another amazing tool.

Plan & go on a vacation with my family!
The past few months have been crazy. And the past few weeks have been EXHAUSTING. Brian has had to go into work every day for different things (including weekends), and we've been so sick. With church plant stuff on top of that - we need some real time off as a family. So we are going on vacation at the end of the month, and we CANNOT WAIT. Never been on a real vacation 

Date night with Brian before our vacation
Whether it's a date night IN or a date night out, we need some mommy & daddy time!

Try yoga twice
This both terrifies and excites me. Being VERY realistic in choosing to try this just TWO times. Oh, and I gotta buy a yoga mat...

Daily goals that I want to become daily habits:

- Read my Bible
This seems to happen daily if I do it right away in the morning. Get kids and myself breakfast, sit down right away and read. Even if it's 10 minutes and the kids are playing 5 feet away.

- Write in my "Gratitude Journal"
I printed this "Gratitude Journal" and it's in a binder with my Powersheets and monthly calendar. I've already written a few things, but I want to fill that baby up! Daily, at least 2 things. The Bible talks a lot about gratitude being VITAL, and I want to make it a habit.

- Turn my stress/worry into prayer
Someone smarter than me once said that "Worry is putting your faith in the wrong kingdom." I want to practice daily taking thoughts that typically cause me to spiral into worry or stress, and instead turn them into a conversation with the Lord. And then LISTEN and see what He says.

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Linking up with Haley for "Goals with Grace."

Do you have any goals for the month? 

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