Monday, December 15, 2014

nicky james is three & what I'm so glad i know now

A week and a half ago, this funny, loving, energetic, creative little boy turned 3. 

When I met him in a little hospital in Montana three years ago, I knew that I loved him.
But I didn't know how much that love would grow.
I didn't know what it would sound like to hear him say, "Mama, I love you." 
I didn't know what it would be like to watch him make his little brother giggle like no one else can. 
I had no idea how much he'd make me laugh or that he'd love to "make jokes."
I couldn't imagine the incredible JOY I'd feel when I heard him sincerely praying for the first time, when he was afraid (and as I eavesdropped outside his bedroom), asking Jesus to help his little heart.
I didn't know that he'd say, "You look like a ballerina!" when I wear an apron, or how sweet it would feel to have his big, 3-year-old self crawl into my lap just for a snuggle. 
I certainly had NO idea how much I would know about planes, cars, trains, and dinosaurs.
(Or how much I'd read about strong-willed children and how many deep breaths I take per day.) :)

This feisty, hilarious, smart, beautiful, dramatic, caring, particular, friendly boy has changed my life in the most incredible way. HE IS A GIFT. Thank you Lord for the joy and privilege of being Nicholas' mama. Three years of discovering delight, and my own deep need for Jesus, all because I get to be his mom. God is the giver of good gifts.

I love you Nicky James.

From this:
Sweet, 1-day old Nicholas and I

To this:

Nicholas James, you rock my world little man. 

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