Tuesday, October 14, 2014

you gotta actually do it (day 13)

You guys, this 31 day series is kicking my butt. When you write for several weeks on "saying yes to Jesus in your current season of life" - well, you have to actually say yes to Him. I'm not going to write about something I'm not willing to actually do. This means that I'm digging deep into my heart and seeking God's voice, and then having to actually act on that. Hence my butt being kicked. This is hard. Good, but hard.

When the Lord first spoke this idea of settling, there were two main areas that I felt Him challenging me in the most:
- My family
- My community

Both these areas are not online. I can't just post a picture and some nice words and then walk away. These are areas where things could get messy, where there are people really counting on me, where the stakes feel HIGH.

I'm excited, scared, and straight up desperate for God to move in my heart. I know that if I really want to settle into my family, and settle into our community, I'm going to have to take action. It's going to mean stepping out, being "inconvenienced," changing up my routines. There's a nervous side of me, but there's another side of me that feels the Lord practically shouting. "MACKENZIE, IT'S ABOUT TIME! Let's do this, girlfriend. What have you got to lose - maybe besides your comfort and your pride?" (Yup, in my head Jesus calls me "girlfriend.")t

A lot of what this will look like won't translate online, and I'm ok with that. I'm not taking this challenge so that everyone can like my pictures and online high five me; I'm doing this because I feel the fear of the Lord, that I need to obey Him. But I'm going to share what I can, longer even than these 31 days, because I don't think I'm alone in feeling the Lord's nudge (more like, shove) to get real about acting on the things He's saying to do. So. Here. We. Go.

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