Sunday, October 12, 2014

women who are saying yes: nadine (day 11)

I have learned a lot from this gal, Nadine. In the last 2 years I've watched as she's experience so much change - new jobs, moving neighborhoods, new roommates, going back to school...just to name a few. I know it hasn't all been easy. But you know what I've seen, through all the new?

Nadine has been so committed to looking up at Christ, clinging to Him as her constant. And because He's been her constant, I've seen her dive in to life around her in some meaningful ways.

She hasn't waited for "things to settle down" - she's just said yes to what God has asked her to do. She does the hard, beautiful, worth it work of making Jesus her Lord. She hasn't been feebly trying to grasp onto steady circumstances, but instead she's been boldly grasping onto Him. 

I want to follow what Nadine has modeled. I want to seek Christ to be my anchor. And as He anchors me to Him, I can follow Him wherever He leads, instead of being swept away by the waves of change or uncertainty. I can say yes to Him, in the middle of continual crazy, because He never changes.

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