Saturday, October 4, 2014

women who are saying YES: jessica honegger (day 4)

A few people have recently lit a fire under my butt, in terms of settling in and saying YES to what God has for me, and not looking any further than that. One of those people is Jessica Honegger, who founded the Noonday Collection.

She spoke at the Influence Conference, and I had the opportunity to talk with her afterwards about truly entering into our communities and doing things that scare you - because Jesus has called you to love, not just to do something scary.

Two things that have stuck with me that Jessica said:
1. You have to go scared, otherwise you'll never go at all.
2. Women are the same. We may seem different than one another, but deep down we are the same.

If you want to be inspired that you matter to the world, and that what God has given you can make a difference even if you're scared - go follow Jessica on Instagram and see what Noonday is up to!

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