Thursday, October 30, 2014

what makes the work worth it? (day 22)

This week I attended an Influence Network class on business and giving back, and one of the gals teaching posed the question above. "The work doesn't end; so what's going to make it worth it for you?" 

I feel like Jessi took the first part of that question right out of my mouth. The work never ends. 
Over the past few weeks (ok, months), I can't tell you how many times that thought has crossed my mind. I feel like there is never NOT a time where I don't have something I could be doing or finishing. At night I'm getting the dishes in the dishwasher and 17,000 Matchbox cars into Nicholas' toy bins, while simultaneously thinking about what time I'm going to get up in the middle of the night to feed Rainier. As soon as one of the boys falls asleep, the other seems to wake up. When I reply to one email, I realize that I've got several more to answer and a blog post I've been hankering to write for days. In motherhood, marriage, ministry, internet life, friendship, and just plain trying to eat and go to the bathroom - life doesn't slow down, does it?

Life doesn't slow down. This often leaves me really, really overwhelmed. I'm NOT into the whole moniker of "sleep when you're dead." I believe in rest and being a whole and healthy person who slows down in regular intervals because I can't do the work if I don't; but it's true, there is probably always going to be something else I can get down to work on.

I love the 2nd part of this. What's going to make it worth it for you?
What is my motivation, my "why?" that I do all the things I do? (From scrubbing sweet toddler skin in the bath, to managing Thrive Mom's prayer team, to chopping veggies for my family's dinner.) 
In all the work that I do - why does it matter?
What motivates me to say yes to the Lord on the days when the work feels like TOO MUCH and I want to shut 'er down?

My answer is probably different than yours. And I have a few different answers for different areas of my life. But since Jessi asked this question, I keep thinking about that WHAT. And I want to really make sure that I know that answer. 

What makes so little sleep and 1,000 reminders to go potty and singing silly songs while we drive those million Matchbox cars worth it?
What makes edits and online meetings and dreaming and clicking away at the keyboard worth it?
What makes saying no to more work and snuggling up to my husband under a blanket worth it?
What makes shuffling around schedules and having Sunday be a "work day" and feeling heartbreak with those who feel heartbroken worth it?

For me, today: it's worth it to obey the Lord. It's worth it to use what He's put in my hand for His glory and to love people like He does. (As flawed and sarcastic and potty-mouthed as I am. I know, I swear a little bit too much for someone in full-time ministry. My friends can attest to this.) 
It's worth it to do what I love, to pray for people, encourage, write, help with details and make the behind the scenes stuff happen. 
It's worth it to do anything I can to raise two boys who will become men so that they fall madly in love with a Savior who madly loves them. 
It's worth it to make my husband shine and feel like he's the most supported man on the entire planet and that he fulfill his dreams, too. 
It's worth it to know Christ, in the good, the hard, the busy, and the mundane.

What's your "worth it?" Why are those hours and days and moments worth it for you?

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