Monday, October 6, 2014

The gifts at my feet (day 6)

This morning I felt like the Lord asked me:

"Are you willing to see the gifts at your feet?
Are you willing to see the gifts that I've given you, not just for your enjoyment or for your growth, but also for My glory and for the furthering of My kingdom?"

I ask the Lord that my life would give Him glory. I ask that I wouldn't waste what He's given me.

So am I willing to really see what He's given me? He's put people in my family, placed me in my neighborhood, given me opportunities to serve online and off – all very much on purpose.
Why do I continually look elsewhere? Why does my heart consistently crave more than what he's given me?

When I looked through His perspective, I see that he has given me so much. Unique ways to glorify Him and love people are all around me. I want to see and dive in to what He's given me to do. No more asking for more while I overlook what He's already said to do. Lord help me to see the beautiful gifts You've given me, and dive in.

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