Thursday, October 2, 2014

the first thing (day 2)

I really can't start anywhere else but here.
As I look around at everything that vies for my heart's attention (my family, the future of the ministries I'm involved in, Sunday's church service, my half-finished grocery list), my heart needs to rest in Jesus.

I read in Jesus Calling the other day that "resting in Him is a form of worship." When I rest in Christ, I acknowledge that HE holds it all together, not me. I can rest in Him, because He takes care of it all - the chaos, the new, the mundane, the life God has placed right in front of my feet; He is Lord over it all.

This life, and even this day, beckons me to want more, chase "new" - and there's enough new in my life already. Where I really want to start (today, and every day) is by resting in Him.

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