Tuesday, October 28, 2014

sitting vs. standing (day 21)

What if we stood in God's grace?
So often I sit in guilt. I plop myself right down into shame, getting comfortable and almost enjoying myself as I soak in all the things I've either done really poorly or haven't done at all. It's genuinely a problem, how much time I spend wishing I'd done things differently and figuring out ways to act and feel better the next time. I get stuck when I focus so much on who and how and what I'm not.

Yet I know a better way.
1 Peter says, "This is the grace of God. Stand in it." 
I have a solid ground that can bear the full weight of all my "not enough". All those things I sit in as I lick my wounds? Those things are rubble. They are a dangerous ground, sure to make me lose my footing. And these words from 1 Peter are a call to action: to let the Lord grab my shoulders, pick me off of the floor, and set me upright.

When I stand in God's grace, I don't have to be enough.
He's the sure footing, He's what's holding me up - I don't have to be those things because He already is.

When I stand in God's grace, I have freedom because of the truth.
I don't have to spend even one more second back on the ground with the lies and the shame - because God's Word is TRUE and He says I'm His daughter.

When I stand in God's grace, I'm on the offensive.
I'm not sitting, waiting for my failures to eat me alive. No, I'm already upright, with my feet firmly planted on the truth. So I can fail and still stand firm because Grace is steady footing.

In all my efforts to live out God's call on my life, to say yes to Him - I don't have to muscle my way through. I have the freedom to mess up, I have the freedom to learn and try again. I can say yes to Jesus because His grace is solid ground.

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