Wednesday, October 1, 2014

settling down & looking up (day 1)

In recent days I've felt the Lord tugging at my heart. This past year has brought change after change and we are finally starting to settle, while still experiencing so much new. We've moved to a new neighborhood, our church plant is underway, and I'm kinda sorta getting into the groove of mothering two children. My online presence fluctuates within my varying roles, and I'm also a daughter, friend, sister, and soon-to-be small group leader. It seems like half the time we're settling, and the other half there's something new around the corner. And my crazy brain just keeps looking towards the future, expectant of "more" - probably because I'm more used to change than stability.

But back to that tug. All this shuffling, the half-settled and half-new-all-the-time has made it hard for me to look at what's right in front of me. I keep looking towards the future instead of peering down at my feet. That tug, it's been getting stronger and more urgent - settle into this season, Mackenzie. Notice your husband, your sons, your friends and new community. You've got people in your home, online, at church, and in your neighborhood who need you to look at them longer than just a passing glance. Don't get caught up in the shuffle of "what's next." 

I believe that the Lord wants to give me new eyes and fresh vision for where He already has me.
Maybe you've been feeling this way too?
New opportunities will come, and change isn't a bad thing - but what if we hunkered down in what God has us doing now? What if we said yes to where He has us, right this moment?
What if, in the middle of this constant "new," we looked up to Jesus to give us strength and new passion for what's happening at our feet?

This is what I want to explore over the next 31 days. 
Right in the middle of the chaos, I'm asking God to help me settle down deep into Him and this season He's called me to - and I can only do this by looking up at Him. 

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I'm joining thousands of other writers who are writing for 31 days during October, on various topics. Click here to see all of the other writers and topics! 

As the month progresses, you'll be able to find each of the blog posts in this series on this page, as I will list them out as I write them. You can also find each day's post on my Instagram, by searching the hashtag #SettlingDownLookingUp. 

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