Monday, October 20, 2014

on logging the miles with my feet (day 15)

I keep feeling this downward tug, like the Lord is actually grabbing my eyeballs and turning them towards my feet. 
Where am I walking?
What are my surroundings?

(Right this minute my feet are folded under me as I've got one kid on my lap and the other one sitting next to me as we watch morning cartoons.)

I might be the broken record, but I can't shake this feeling of God wanting me to really be PRESENT where He's placed me, not chasing other ideals but saying "yes" to Him where my feet actually are. Not in an effort to turn further inward, but to recognize that God has given me several areas where He wants to actively use me. I can either say these places aren't enough, or I can obey God and own what He's calling me to.

My always messy apartment, my city streets, the community center where my church meets, in the homes of my friends, at the coffee shops, and if the internet was a physical place ;) - this is where my feet are. This is where I feel God asking me to log the miles. I, in myself, am not going to transform these areas - but God, who loves including us in His plans, wants to transform these places. And I get to join Him.

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