Monday, October 27, 2014

immediately, today. what's in front of you? (Day 20)

Today, settling down and looking up looks like taking a big gulp of reality and just going for it. What reality am I drinking in this morning? POTTY TRAINING DAY ONE. (So many emotions!)

I don't have major theology today ;) but I do feel challenged to actually enjoy my kids (instead of just surviving the day). What's immediately in front of me, what God has called me to do right now, is to love my two little people well. To serve my family, even when that means getting down on my hands and knees and cleaning up potty accidents. This is the day I have, these are the moments God has given me. So I'm praying a LOT today (mostly, "Lord give me patience") and trusting that I can enjoy God's continual presence even when I'm confined to my apartment and constantly checking the potty timer. I won't have done today perfectly, but I do think I'll see Christ, and His kingdom at work, when I submit myself to what He has for me today.

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