Monday, October 13, 2014

expect Him in the small moments (day 12)

I'm learning that saying yes to God often looks like digging into the small moments.
Recognizing His presence, posturing our hearts to hear His voice, and then obeying. These unseen moments, we have so many of them throughout the day (maybe unless you're a reality TV star?).

You might be walking from one class to another discussing homework with a classmate; maybe you're chatting with the cashier at the supermarket; or maybe you're making muffins with your favorite toddler while he wriggles and splats half the batter onto the counter. Whatever small moments fill your days in this season - let's expect Jesus there. He ordained those moments, after all. Let's not wait for the moments where others can see us - though I am oh so tempted to find my approval and worth from those moments.

These little moments are often where we live out our callings, as non-flashy as they may seem. Let's dig deep, expect Him, and see what He does as we say yes.

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