Thursday, October 16, 2014

city target and doing the new things (day 14)

Today the boys and I braved City Target. (Seattle's Target that is geared towards city-dwellers, so there's no lawn furniture, for example, because that aren't many lawns in the city.)

I say "braved" because
1. Anytime I shop alone with both kids I feel like a warrior armed with an Ergo instead of a cape
2. New experiences, especially ones involving driving in downtown Seattle and a Target with multiple floors and pay stations for parking - they tend to make me all flustered and sweaty and psyched out.

You'd think with all of the traveling and moving I've done I'd be a pro at new/unknown/adventure. Nope. All I see is a million moving parts and too many variables that I can't control. Even in my six minute drive to Target. (I might be a little psycho?)

In the last few weeks I've come to realize that sometimes settling into your season means trying new things. If I want to make this city "mine," I gotta go to the Target. If I want to deepen my community, I've got to go to the new moms group. Whatever it is you're trying to settle into, sometimes you just gotta be brave and try the new thing.

And I find this slightly funny because I've talked a few times about not "chasing new things" in order to stay focused on what God has called me to. But like someone wiser than me says (I think Matt Chandler?), two things can be true at the same time. So as I seek to obey God's nudge to give into this current season of life He's placed me in, some days I'm gonna have to brave the new. And it will be worth it. Because I'll probably get more out of doing than than just a pair of cute socks, a lipstick and a new candle.

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