Tuesday, October 7, 2014

choosing "thank you" (day 7)

I have been talking with a girlfriend of mine about teaching our kids to say "please" and "thank you." The hope is that if we remind them enough to do it, their little brains and hearts will make a connection and those words will come on their own.

I feel like the Lord is teaching me the very same thing; He's reminding me over and over again to say thank you (and mean it). And hopefully those words will become a part of my heart and a part of how I see the world around me, as I give praise back to God.

I think one way to settle into a season is to be REALLY STINKIN' GRATEFUL. To notice the small and big beautiful blessings (even if they come in hard ways), and say thank you to the Lord. The devotional I read a few days ago said, "'Thank you' is a supernatural response." I'm realizing just how true this is! My perspective shifts, I see Jesus' hand in things, and my heart is turned towards my Creator. And when our feeble, ever-needy hearts are turned to Him, He does beautiful, supernatural things.

This morning I'm exhausted from being out late with Brian (yay!) and then being awake half the night with a sick Nicholas (not so yay). And we had no milk for my morning coffee! :) But I'm asking God to give me a grateful heart, that I might see His hand and see the supernatural happen in my heart, my home, and the lives my family interacts with outside our doors.

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