Monday, September 15, 2014

a hello (meet and greet for #influenceconf)

Woah, I cannot believe that in 10 days Rainier and I are hopping onto several planes and heading to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference! Even though I've been before, I'm still a little nervous. Incredibly excited, but nervous - how will things go with bringing a 5-month-old? We shall see. 

Today the women who are attending the conference are doing a little "meet and greet" to get acquainted before we all meet in person. We're sharing a recent picture of ourselves, what we're most excited about, and what we can't leave home without. Here goes:

1. I'm Mackenzie, and this is me and my hubby Brian. We've got 2 boys - Nicholas who's almost 3, and Rainier who is 5-months, and coming with me to the conference! Brian will be holding down the fort with Nicholas while I'm gone :)

2. I am most excited about connecting with women! I'm going to hug the heck out of the Thrive Moms team gals, I can't wait to spend time with other women in ministry, spend time in the prayer room, and hang out with other mamas in the Mom's Suite! And I also cannot wait to worship and learn together. The refreshment and spurring on that comes with worship and listening to inspiring men and women, can't wait!

3. I can't leave without...all of Rainier's baby gear? (How do you fit stuff for yourself and your baby in a small suitcase? HOW?!?!) I'll be that tiny girl with a baby on her hip and a overflowing diaper bag, probably sweating from lugging all our stuff around but still excited to see everyone! 

Are you going to the conference? Share your little meet and greet at the Influence Conference link-up, whether it's on your blog or Instagram!

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