Wednesday, August 13, 2014

nicholas-isms :: enjoying my sweet, mischievous boy

Life with Nicholas is never boring.
(Or quiet. Or without me wondering what else he's going to sneak into his mouth without me noticing - pen caps and tiny tires, all day long.)

My blonde boy is SPUNKY, joyful, creative, sneaky, determined, and moody. I love him. And I've become an expert at taking deep breaths. (See second bullet.)

A few of my favorite Nicholas-isms, as of late:
  • Before telling a story, he clears his throat. It's the best.
  • "Are you fwus-wated, Mommy? Take a deep breath. Like dis. *Breathes in, real dramatic like.* See? You feel better." He's stealing my lines for when HE is frustrated. Thanks kid.
  • He asks for the "Jesus Rhino" song. Jesus loves me, this rhino...
  • Upon accomplishing a difficult task he excitedly yells, "NUMBER ONE!" No idea where he learned this.
  • He can't help himself with Rainier, he adores him. He uses this very high pitched, endearing little voice and tells him, "You're my favorite boy, Rainier!" "You're my sweet baby!"
    (This mostly makes up for all the times he whacks his little brother in the head or belly.)
  • Tackle hugs. Ow, and also, adorable.
  • For all his non-stop energy, the dozens of times he purposely wakes Rainier up from naps, and how many USB sticks & Sharpies I find behind his back in clenched little fists, this boy is polite. He is never without a "dank do" or an "I'm sorry, Mama." My sweet boy.
And one that wasn't my favorite, but that is just so telling of his age/mischief:
  • At dinner one night, I turned my back for no more than 20 seconds, and found two (fully cooked) noodles in Rainier's mouth. I'm a pro at the finger sweep, I tell ya. Near heart attack for me and a big timeout/talking to for Nicholas.

Honestly, parenting such an energetic, mischievous 2-year-old can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. I won't gloss that part over. But Nicholas is also so much fun, and FULL of personality. I'm so grateful for this boy and that God has allowed me to be his mom.

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