Friday, August 1, 2014

august goals

I haven't shared my goals in a few months, mostly because I haven't really made any besides "keep both children alive" and "eat sometimes." Those are still goals of mine, and life is still crazytown many days with two kiddos. But I'm finding that I need a little more normal in my life, and making goals and having some parameters of how I spend my time really helps me feel normal. So here are my goals - with grace, as Haley talks about, because I may not get to all of these and that's OKAY!

  • A date with Brian.
    - We had our first date in 3 months last week, and it was so good for our marriage. I want to make sure we don't go another month without some intentional time alone!
  • A date with Nick.   
        - This boy has embraced his new little brother in the sweetest way, and has been such a trooper in sharing mommy - and I need some one-on-one time with him! Rainier took a bottle really well last week, so I'm going to try to get alone with my big boy for a few hours this month!
  • Finish Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist.
    -  I'm a third of the way through this amazing book and I want to finish it this month. If you're going through a big life change in any way, I highly recommend it.
  • Have 2 different dinner dates with friends.
        - Whether it's at our place or someone else's, or it's dinner or dessert or even afternoon coffee, we gotta get with some friends. (Spice girls anyone?)
  • Continue reading this book for parents of strong-willed children.
        - Because....I heart my children and one of them is very strong-willed ;)
  • One night to write / one afternoon to work
        - I have some writing goals I want to meet for a project I'm working on, and I oversee the communications/social media aspects of our church plant, so I'm hoping to get one night away from the kiddos to write, and one afternoon alone to work on church stuff.
  • Choose joy, and pursue joy
    - For awhile now I've felt more overwhelmed than joyful. And I'm not going to muster up strength to just "be happy!" all day long - but I want to more actively pursue and choose joy. I want to take more deep breaths and pray, look around and say thankful prayers, and choose to let things go. Whose with me?

    What are your goals for the month of August? Or for this week?

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