Monday, July 14, 2014

the second time around

Almost three months into being a mom of two, I've acquired some practices that are incredibly helpful in making my life run smoothly. Well, as smoothly as life can go with a two-year-old and newborn :) I know I'm no expert, but I wanted to share some of the equipment that we love to use on a regular basis! Some of these are great for first time moms, and others have been helpful in juggling (and staying sane) with two little ones. Wherever you're at as a mom, I hope these bring some sanity!

a) Puj Compact Infant Bath
I didn't use one of these for Nicholas, and I'M SO glad that my friend Jenn told me about it. We set this foam "bath" in our pedestal sink and lay Rainier in it, instead of having to hold a squirmy, slippery newborn. (Still using it at 13+ lbs and almost 3 months.) He's comfy in it, I can easily use both of my hands to wash him, and it's great for when a 2-year-old wants to "help" give the baby a bath. I can't tell you how much easier it is than the other two baths we used for Nicholas.

b) I LOVE my Skip Hop diaper bag.
It's $64 and so worth the money, as I can attest from the cheap one I had with Nick. It's super easy to wipe down/doesn't absorb spills easily, has a variety of great pockets, and is just plain cute. I use the shoulder strap and the hand straps all the time, and it's got clips for your stroller or a shopping cart.

c) The Honest Company Stain Remover
Newborns. So. much. poo. So. many. stains. I love the Honest Company and the fact that they are totally baby safe, no unsafe chemicals at all. And this stain remover works just as well as Oxi Clean and Resolve, I've tried them all!

d) Skip Hop Backpack
I don't have this exact backpack for Nicholas, but I think he'd love it!
My mom gave me the advice to have your older child wear a backpack (with their diapers, snacks, etc.), instead of cramming your diaper bag full of both kid's things - and I'm so glad I took this advice.
When he has a sitter I just grab his backpack instead of unpacking and repacking the diaper bag, and he proudly wears his little backpack everywhere we go.

e) ERGO Baby Carrier
Hands down the Ergo is my most important item as a mom of two. I've used it since Rainier was two weeks old (with the infant insert), and I've actually been able to get out with both kids and NOT go crazy because of it. Your hands are free, the baby feels all snuggly, and when your toddler takes off running, you take the baby with you instead of leaving him alone in a stroller.

f) A little something fun for big brother.
When we're out of the house and Rainier needs to eat/have his diaper changed, it's nice to have something small in my diaper bag to occupy Nicholas. Dusty Crophopper has prevented several meltdowns :)

I've straightened my hair a total of 4 times since Rainer was born, and I shower not as often as I'd like. Throwing on a cute headband makes me feel like I put in some effort, when it actually only took me a minute. As a mom, it's important to feel beautiful, and if a headband helps, buy one!
(I love Oh Sweet Joy and Wuthering Iris.)

Not pictured, but still super helpful:

- Paper plates.
Yes I like to be cost efficient and eco-friendly when I can be, but being able to throw away the dishes instead of washing them can make a crazy day a lot less crazy. Once in awhile, paper plates are lovely.

- More than one bouncy seat/swing in multiple locations.
We have a two-story townhouse style apartment, so having a safe place to actually clip Rainier in on each floor is a life-saver. Especially when I need to put Nicholas down for a nap or in a time out :)

- A cute water bottle or tumbler.
As a nursing mom, and as a mom who is constantly taking care of a need, it's important to stay hydrated. I have a cold liquid tumbler that is actually cute, so I like taking it places and it seems more fun to fill it up :)

So there you have it, my must have items for this second time around. 
What makes your life easier as a mom?

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