Friday, July 11, 2014


Today is my man's 27th birthday.

And I could gush about how much of a hottie he is - because DUH. 
Or the attentive and fun Dad he is, or his creativity and passion for life.
Or how much of a hard worker he is, especially in this season of having 
a full time job plus helping to plant a church in his "spare" time.

The best thing I see in him is Jesus, so I want to speak to that.
I want to say, Brian, I see so much of Jesus in you.

I see His heart for the beaten and broken and cast off.
I see how He saw more in people than what was on the surface 
- and how He called them to be who they truly were.
I see His steadfastness in relationships.
I see His compassion, dependence on the Father, and His tender heart.

Happy birthday Brian!
I'm incredibly grateful for you.
And ok, you are a total babe of a husband and Dad.

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