Thursday, July 24, 2014

a first sunday recap

I shared about my heart the day before our church plant's first service - and I wanted to share a short follow up on that first service. And thanks SO MUCH to everyone who prayed, texted/commented with encouragement, and supported us in so many ways!

I spent most of last Sunday morning holding back tears. As soon as we showed up and the worship team was untangling masses of wires - tears. When an eager group of friends began to set chairs into rows - tears. When the first chord of music began and I looked around at people, standing in a community center smack dab in the center of Seattle, worshiping Jesus - tears. All happy, grateful, "You are GOOD God, and I get to be a part of this?!?!" tears.

It wasn't a perfect day. 
It was really hot with no AC, we had to rush out of the community center right after the service because our rental time was up, etc. But it was such a beautiful day.
The nerves, the "I am not enough (fill in the blank)" feelings rose up in moments; but those feelings subsided pretty quickly. There was such peace. A sense of knowing that, though this past year has been insane and much more difficult for our family than I had anticipated, moving to Seattle to have a hand in planting this church was the right, God-appointed move. 
People connected. There was a strong presence of HOPE in the room. Jesus was with us.

We are starting small. And I hope we always feel small, in the sense that we are only playing the role that Jesus has given us to play. I desire, deeply, that knowing, loving, and sharing Jesus is always our first goal. And our second goal and our millionth goal :)

I don't have too many more words than this. That was service number one, so we will see what the Lord does, and I know we will have to cling to Him for every moment. But I'm excited for the next service :) And I'm grateful and excited to see what Jesus does and who He lets us meet. This is a crazy adventure, and He is good. That's all.

 All the pictures in this post were taken by the wonderful Katrina D Photography.

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