Sunday, July 20, 2014

3 months of rainier

My little love bug is three months, somehow, already! Well, on Friday, but some of our very best friends got married so it was a busy day.

Rainier is an absolutely delightful baby. This month he started smiling, which makes everyone in the family happy. Nicholas likes to say, "he's 'miling at me!" He's begun to coo and squeal, mostly at Daddy because Daddy is the best.

He's a chunk, and everyone is surprised by that :) His rolls are AMAZING. And his hair. Well, lets just say it's getting more mullety by the day. 

There's so much of me that can't wait to watch him keep growing, to see what his personality is like and if he'll continue to look SO DARN MUCH like his Dad; but if his baby rolls stay on a bit longer, I can handle him staying this little, too. 

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