Tuesday, June 3, 2014

thrive moms is one!

A year ago, two moms set out on a mission to encourage, refresh, and connect moms.
They knew the exhaustion, the joys, the hard work of motherhood, and wanted to do their part in helping moms to thrive in motherhood, not just survive.

Thrive Moms has been the BIGGEST blessing to me this past year, especially in this season of moving and trying to make new friends. (It can be hard to make friends as a mom of little kids, can't it?) Their weekly newsletter never fails to speak right to my heart as a mom. The community that I see growing has given me a place to connect and learn. I could go on and on - but mostly I just want to say thank you to the Lord for this ministry. Most days I feel like I have NO idea what I'm doing as a mom, or really an adult :) so I often wonder why Nathalie and Kara-Kae asked me to join the Thrive team. But regardless of how incapable I feel, I am super grateful that I get to lead the Prayer Ministry and be a small part of watching the Lord encourage moms all over the world.

Happy one year birthday, Thrive!
To celebrate, our ministry is doing a fun giveaway on our blog! Go check it out!

And moreover, if you are a mom in need of encouragement, check out Thrive Moms. We want to pray for you, learn together, and even meet together!

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