Saturday, June 21, 2014

a few things you can't miss

As I'm typing these words, my adorable nap-fighting, old-man-hair sporting 8-week-old is lying next to me. He's in that creepy in-between stage of sleep where his eyes are still open and they are darting around like a crazy person, but he's actually falling asleep. It's 8:30pm, and Brian took Nicholas out almost 2 hours ago to give me some work/blog/cleaning/alone time. So far I've rocked a baby and eaten two popsicles. I'm learning again that my to-do list, or desire for rest, doesn't always match up with my kiddo's needs. And sometimes it does, but not tonight.

Anywho, I'm forgoing the rest of my to-do list and writing a blog post because I have 4 quick things I want to share with you. These pieces of the internet have been rolling around in my brain for the last week or two, and rocking my mommy/wife/lady world in the best ways. So please do yourself a favor and read them.


"Am I Enough?" by Barren to Beautiful

"Every day I have this desire to accomplish something. But every day it feels I accomplish nothing...At the end of the day, there's nothing to show for the last 9 hours of exhausting effort. Of doing what? 
When it feels I don't accomplish Super Tidy Housewife, or Spiritual Sage, or Fun Mommy...when I'm none of those titles, and all the opposites...I have to wonder: "Am I enough?"

Her answer to this question has brought me so much hope, and I really hope you take the time to read the rest of this article.

"Are You Lonely, Mama?" by When At Home

"Sometimes, I go to Target and walk around just to have interaction with people outside of my house. When I'm out with the boys and I look up from the chaos long enough to see another mama doing the same things I'm doing, I just want to run over to her and say, 'Are you lonely too?...Do you struggle with the same things I do? Will you judge me for failing? For being scared? For wanting to run away from my kids? For forgetting to put shoes on the oldest and a clean diaper on the youngest? Can we be friends? HOLD ME.'"

I love Kristen's honesty, because I don't know any stay at home moms (and probably working moms too), who don't feel this way at one point or another. This article is a great combo of gut honesty and encouragement.

- She Reads Truth current Bible Study on the book of Ruth

"He knew her lack. He knew her vulnerability. He knew the ways Ruth had been hurt and the things she'd lost. And He provided her just what she needed at the time she needed it. It may not have been the life she would have chosen...But it was the way of the Lord, and the way of the Lord is good."

- Thrive Moms

I sure do love this ministry that I somehow stumbled into being a part of. And I hope that our ministry blesses you if you are a mom! We have a team of women who want to pray for you and a team who wants to care for tangible needs, local moms groups, online moms groups, a blog with several honest & encouraging moms writing, and more to come.

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