Monday, May 19, 2014

one month

And this happened when?? 
Somehow my baby, the one whom it felt like I was pregnant with FOREVER, turned one month old yesterday. These first four weeks have flown by - I think the more kids you have, the faster it goes. Does anyone else agree with me?

This month has been amazing. Exhausting, yes. Huge learning curve for how to handle two kids on my own? Yes. But besides the sleeplessness and sickness that we've all endured, having two kids is even more wonderful than I thought it would be. Nicholas continues to adore Rainier - "Mommy, I LOVE this baby. This baby is so cute. Mommy, can I hold him?" And Rainier is such a chill baby (thank you Jesus!). I know hard moments will come, but so far he sleeps and eats and wakes up for a few minutes a day to show us his wide blue eyes. And then he sleeps some more while me and Brian or my mom (or Nicholas) fights over who gets to hold him and stroke his long dark hair. I mean mullet.

Happy one month little man! We CANNOT imagine our lives without you. And please don't hate me one day for setting you naked in a suitcase while I took these pictures...I just couldn't help myself.

Ok, I'm going to sleep. I'm writing this on my phone as I rock Rainier to sleep, and my bed and pillow look incredibly appealing. I'm hitting publish, going to kiss this boys cheeks more than is probably necessary, and I'm hitting the hay before I feed him again. Ahh, motherhood :)

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