Wednesday, May 21, 2014

for the weary mama. ahem, for me

Being a mom of little ones is intense, isn't it? (Probably is for older kids too, but little is all I know!)
In the last few weeks I've found myself going hours on end without peeing or eating, and I keep thinking "why am I SO tired?" Then I remember the physical work that motherhood takes - washing, hoisting, wiping, grabbing, running, bending, the mental work it parenting takes!

This intensity often makes me feel lost. The constant needs of my kids and my own to-do list - I sometimes lose perspective. What's the big picture of this mothering thing? What's the big picture of my life? Those larger scale thoughts get buried beneath tantrum-taming, preparing lunch and finding give minutes to shove food into my mouth.

The other night, as I was mostly unsuccessfully trying to get Rainier to sleep, I was thinking about this work I do. My arms ached from rocking the baby, and we'd just gone to battle with a certain toddler over bedtime. "Lord, remind me again what this work is all about? There's a bigger picture beyond exhaustion, right? I hope?"

It was like the Lord whispered into my ear.
Mothering is kingdom work.
The phrase repeated again. Mothering is kingdom work.

I'm reminded of Hannah, who prayed for her son and committed his life to the Lord.
I think of Mary, who believed God and obeyed Him as He called her to a unique life of mothering.
I remember my own mom, whose genuine love for people from all walks of life reflects Jesus' heart.

I'm not striving to find the "perfect mother" to model my life after - but I am learning how the prayers, the obedience to God's wisdom, even the conversations about Lightning McQueen for the 100th time, actually fit inside of God's kingdom. He invented motherhood, after all, and He wants to use it for His glory and His kingdom. And this work? It's beautiful to our King.

Deep breath. This physical, spiritual, mental work of mothering is kingdom work.
I'm at the cusp of figuring out what that looks like - and today, I'm following the King as He leads me to grow His kingdom, through these little people and my everyday life.

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