Sunday, April 13, 2014

why i can't take the credit

I've had several friends tell me recently that they've shown off my preggo belly pictures to their friends - mostly because they are amazed at how far my belly sticks out! And they can't believe I can still stand up :) Of course my first reaction is to be quite proud of myself - I am a tiny woman who carries giant babies! Go me and my body! 

But feeling proud isn't where I want to stay - I want that to turn into gratefulness to God, because the mere fact that I can carry children at all is a miracle.
My parents were never sure if I would be able to have biological children, let alone if I would live through my mom's pregnancy with me and my twin brother. Doctors told them for months that I would die in the womb, and that if I lived I would be severely handicapped. When I was born, doctors shared with my parents a multitude of problems to expect in coming years. I had a heart defect that required open-heart surgery, underwent hours of therapy for random issues, and was "never going to live a normal life." In God's sovereignty, the "nevers" and "supposed tos" never came to pass. I grew up as a very healthy and normal child, besides the whole being super short thing. (Though family would probably say I'm not "normal", but that's just my weird personality, not my health.) 

Thank you Lord for my two babies. Thank you for being HOPE WHEN THERE IS NO HOPE. Thank you for forming these beautiful boys in my body and for showing that Your power to heal is mighty. So yes, when people share my picture I sometimes want to pat myself on the back for merely getting through this pregnancy; but really, I want to share how faithful and powerful God is.

(PS - five more days!!!! My c-section is scheduled for this Friday. Wow, I can't wait to meet this boy!)

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