Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april goals. well, just one.

My goal list for this month is pretty simple:

1. Cherish
2. Cherish
3. Cherish

I do have a few ahem a million other to-do list items before our sweet baby joins us on the 18th (yay!!), but I want my head and my heart to be super focused on this one goal. Cherishing.

I want to cherish these last days of being pregnant. For personal and medical reasons, this will probably be our last biological child. (Both sad and crazy!) I want to just soak in what it feels like to have a little person rolling around inside of my body, and cherish the feelings of anticipation. How big will he be? What will he look like? What will his little newborn, mewling cry sound like? Soaking it in.

I want to cherish my moments and routines with Nicholas. I want to relish the (literal) hours that we play with cars or make "projecks" - anything involving a glue stick and paper. I'll be honest - I'm tempted to spend these next two weeks trying to occupy him with toys/shows so that I can knock items off of my "pre-baby" list. That will happen at times, for sure. But very soon, I'll be splitting my attention between two little guys, so I want to enjoy and be in these moments with him.

I want to cherish the next 18 days with my husband. You guys, that man has been straight up serving me and working his butt off. His new job plus the church plant is a very demanding schedule, and so I wouldn't blame him if he came home and just vegged out. But he's been hanging up picture frames, building Ikea furniture, going grocery shopping, and making special time for Nicholas. (And getting me many bowls of ice cream.) I want to cherish and thank and affirm him.

I want to cherish this time with Jesus. He's been my constant during this pregnancy, my wisdom as I parent a wily toddler boy, my strength as my body is so tired. He will continue to be all of these things as I learn to parent two kiddos! So I want to continue to go deeper into my relationship with Him.

And finally - I want to cherish my new little boy! Ahh, I'm just so excited to meet him! I am over-the-moon excited to snuggle him, stare at his sweet face, hold his tiny body. YAY! This one won't be hard to do ;)

What are you hoping to cherish this month?

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