Tuesday, March 11, 2014

rowdy, sassy, full of life.

The biggest perk and blessing of moving to Seattle has been living close to our families. We spent five years living hours and hours away, so spending 10 minutes in the car to get to either Brian's or my mom's house is nothing short of wonderful

I don't normally share blog posts that are super picture-heavy, but today I'm making an expection. (Only 9 pictures, so not too many!) Around Christmas time, my side of the family had a little photoshoot. Our friends who took these photos captured my family oh so accurately, so I had to share! They are too fun and beautiful not too :) Enjoy!

My twin brother and my sweet big boy.


My mom and her grandboys!

Yup, this is the most accurate representation of my family that is pictured here.
Me sassin' my Dad and my brother. Typical.

I love my colorful, rowdy, boy-filled family :) And aren't my parents stinkin' cute?!

Joe and Erika, thank you so much for taking these photos! 

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