Tuesday, March 4, 2014

march goals

I'm not going to lie - at 33 weeks pregnant, I'm becoming a lot less goal-oriented, and a lot more when can I sit down? when can I take a nap? oriented. So my goals for this month are small, and many of them will happen while my feet are propped up on a pillow. But here are my March goals!

1. Get our living room decorations ON the wall.
Nicholas' room is decorated and Baby2's corner in our room is coming along, yet our living room walls are BARE. I have a big box of things ready to be put up, and a few things coming in the mail from good ol' Target. Just need to make the time (and have my husband around), and get it done!

2. Hunker down with my boys.
With this baby coming in less than 7 weeks, and the fast pace of work/ministry/family life we are in, I want to be intentional about really noticing and acknowledging my two boys - Nicholas and my husband :) I want to go on a date or two with Brian, and really sit down and just play with Nicholas.

3. Pick out a 1st year calendar - miracle! I checked this off already!
I was given a "Baby's 1st Year Calendar" for Nicholas, and it was a serious life saver. The one I had for Nick had space each month to record the baby's height, weight, new likes and dislikes, etc., as well as little stickers for milestones like "first Christmas" or "first babysitter." With it hanging up on the wall, it was easy to remember to record things - and I love looking back and remembering the first year of Nicholas' life! I already found this Carter's calendarand I'm so excited. And if you like full baby books, this matching one is so cute!

4. Make 5 freezer meals.
This is ambitious. But it needs to happen. So help me, Lord, help me.

5. Write.
In this season of pregnancy, the Lord has placed on my heart some thoughts and inspiration about preparing for motherhood, and I really want to write those out. They may or may not show up here, but I want to give myself a few moments to just get it out on paper.

And let's just see how February worked out, goals-wise:

1. Brush up on my camera "skills."
Ahem. Do I hear crickets? This did not happen. Luckily I have 6 more weeks before this baby comes!

2. Have worship music on more intentionally.
This did happen, and all thanks to Ellie Holcomb and Spotify. OH MY WORD, if you don't have any of her albums, get at least one of them. This is some of the most inspiring, soulful music I've heard in a long time.

3. Organize baby stuff + research freezer meals.
Baby clothes are organized! I finally found my bassinet! So now this baby has a place to sleep and clothes to sleep in, praise the Lord. And you can find my Pinterest board of freezer meals here.

4. Figure out Mail Chimp!
While I'm not a master at it yet, I did come up with a template I really like - and found two AMAZING sites for free, beautiful stock photos. Here and here. Game changers.

5. Write out my prayer thoughts + communicate them.
This "officially" happened once. I want to continue to create a lifestyle of doing this, as it is life-giving for me, and is a simple way that I can serve people.

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