Monday, March 3, 2014

creating space :: my attempt at creating a kid-friendly home while staying sane as an adult

When you walk into our home, it's obvious that we've got a little dude running around. A wide assortment of planes, sippy cups, and books litter the ground - and you know what? I love it. This is the messy, colorful, fort-building season that our family is in. 

I also enjoy having a home that feels like it belongs to our WHOLE family - the adults and the kiddos. This is not a simple or finished task, and I'm not sure it will ever be! I want to be laid back so that our kids can be kids, while also finding creative ways to feel like adults live here too. Since we recently moved and have adjusted a few of the things we have in our home, I thought I'd share just a few simple ways we are finding a happy medium. 

1. We love this Ikea table!
When you sit on our couch, it looks like/serves as a coffee table - but the other side of it stores Nicholas' toys. It's easy to wipe down, the bins come in several different colors, and I think it would work in any room in our home, so it was a good investment if our family's needs change in the future.

2. Removable and washable couch covers. 
Nicholas loves to make himself comfortable on our couch! :) After 5 years of marriage, we finally bought a new couch (not used or passed down) - it felt like we entered adult land! And I knew that with two boys, I needed a couch that could handle stains and spills. We found this couch at World Market, on mega sale, and it is all covered by removable, washable slip covers. Boom.

3. Multi-purpose storage, and something just for him.
Nicholas is a big fan of indoor picnics, which means we have a lot of blankets lying around. For whatever reason, blankets strewn all over the house makes me go nuts. We have an ottoman (similar to this Target one, but about half the price from Ross) that houses all of our blankets! Easy picnic set up and clean up. And it has rounded corners and a soft top, which is GREAT for kids.
We also bought Nicholas his own little table at Ikea, for really cheap. Best decision ever. It's good for him to have something just for him, and he does crafts, eats most meals, and plays at this table allllll the time. Major bonus is that at 8 months pregnant I don't have to lift him into his high chair to eat. 

4. Finally, we're working towards a fun, functional, and super budget-friendly "big boy" room for Nicholas. 
He will actually play in here now for extended periods of time and loves his "new room." It's amazing what a little carpet, some old pillows, and picture frames will do to make a toddler feel cozy!

A few details: the fabric toybox is from Ikea - and I love that it's corners aren't too hard, and that the lid stays attached on the back with velcro. The curtains, rug, clock, and tan basket are all from Target. Wall prints are from Naptime Diaries, and the N, picture frames, and photo board are DIY/thrifted.

Thanks Grandma for the cars decals!

And there you have it. Nothing crazy fancy, and still a work in progress.
This isn't a sponsored post by any means, just thought I'd share what's working for us, and on a VERY small budget.

What kinds of things do you have in your home to make your kids feel at home, and also make yourself feel sane? 

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