Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a home-y kind of home

It's laughable that I'm anything close to a "designer" when it comes to my home and decor, but last week I finally got some decorations up in our home, and it feels wonderful! 

When we moved this past September, we left a sweet little house that was full of memories and it felt like ours. I've really missed that home-y feeling since we bounced between living with family and then moved into a new place in January. With this baby coming in 3.5 weeks (hooray!), there's something in me that just NEEDS our apartment to feel like home. To feel like ours. So I brainstormed with my decorating team (aka my husband and my mom!), and then I bossed them around from the couch because I've got a basketball attached to me. With a few nails in the wall, a can of spray paint, and some online purchases, we've got a home. Content sigh.

I keep repeating to myself The Nester's mantra, "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." Our decorations are simple, our budget was small, and there's still a lot of empty space. I'm just so happy that the ideas of this non-designer mostly translated into reality, and that we finally have pictures of our family up on the wall! It was fun, too, to find new uses for decor that we've had forever (or at least since we got married five years ago). It was kind of like solving a memory-filled puzzle, re-purposing items that we'd once obtained for different uses. This also saved a LOT of money. :)

Here are a few pieces that make up our very simple and not-yet-finished home:

Ruth print from Naptime Diaries  I  Both frames from Target  I  Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints
Lampshade from Target  I  Lamp base was very old from Target, which we spray painted.

This Instagram wall is my new favorite part of our home! Walgreens prints square photos for really cheap and typically has great discount codes on their website!

Garland from Land of Nod  I  Lampshade and base both old from Target (stand painted)
Accent pillow from Target  

This little area is what makes my kitchen feel like mine :)

Shelves/hardware, canisters from Ikea  I  Naptime Diaries print  I  Flower from my twin's wedding
Tea cup was a gift from Anthropologie  I  Tea pot from a store in Seattle a long time ago :)
And I love this picture of my sweet Grandma!

A piece of our home in Montana, a map of Flathead Lake from an antique store.

Left "B" was a gift  I  Old shelf from Target   I  Old clock from Urban Outfitters
Right "B" from Anthropologie

I'll end this post by adding that Nicholas now points to all the "decorations" around our house. He sometimes prays for "the decorations" before bedtime (weirdo), and loves to look at the pictures of himself. That's what makes a house feel home-y, right? When you can look at pictures of YOU :)

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