Tuesday, February 25, 2014

six months + five things

Yesterday was six months to the day since we moved from Montana to Washington.
It's been stretching, beautiful, and tiring! (Those adjectives also apply to how I feel right now at 32 weeks pregnant.)
I thought I'd share a few things that I've learned in this last season:

1. There's no substitute for a reallllllly good cup of coffee.
Seattle just has it friends, as cliche as that may be. Yu-uhm.

2. It is hard to keep a tender heart during transition - but through it, God does good work. Before we left, I was encouraged by a few friends to keep my heart tender, towards the Lord and people. Many days I have fought hard for this, and some days my heart has felt rock solid. But when I've opened myself up to what the Lord wants to do in my life, and been sensitive to how He could use me in other's lives, it's been beautiful.

3. Sometimes waiting IS the season - embrace it.
She Reads Truth wrote an amazing devotional on "Giving Thanks in Waiting," and it has rocked my heart. When we first moved I kept praying for certain things to move faster or change - and they didn't. Some things are very much the same as six months ago. When I stopped asking God to move things along, and opened my eyes to what and who was actually around me, it changed my life. Seriously.

4. Netflix and Hulu Plus, mmhmm.
Watching a lot of TV can be a negative way to numb yourself, so know where your heart is at. But a little Brooklyn Nine-Nine at the end of the day with your hubby by your side? It does the heart some good.

5. Little things glorify God.
I don't have the emotional or physical energy to start a women's ministry - which was on my heart to do when we moved. But it would have literally ruined my family's life, in this season. You know what I can do? Be patient when my toddler empties our recycling bin all over the kitchen floor for the 57th time. I can take five extra minutes to write to a friend who God keeps laying on my heart. Both of these are examples of chances for me to obey the Lord, which pleases and glorifies His heart. "Bigger" chances to say yes may come at some point, but these little things bring joy to God's heart, too.

Over these past six months, God has been faithful. He has opened my eyes to what it looks like to wait with Him, and has made me more grateful than ever for family. I still really miss the Rocky Mountains and our friends in Montana, and I'm also beginning to enjoy being a city-girl again. Here's to another stretching and beautiful (and probably tiring) six months.

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