Tuesday, February 4, 2014

february goals

I was surprised this past month at how helpful it was for me to list my goals for January here!
The act of writing them down helped them stay fresh in my mind, and listing them for all of your eyes gave me some extra oomph to complete them! So I'm going to do the same thing for February.

1. Brush up on my camera "skills."
I have 10 weeks until Baby2 is born, and I do not want his first pictures to be taken with my iPhone 4. So I plan on practicing what little photography skills I have in order to be able to take some good shots of my newborn!

2. Have worship music on more intentionally.
Worship music bring so much peace and truth to our home environment, yet when I'm home alone with Nicholas I rarely turn it on. Not this month! Spotify, it's you and me this month baby.

3. Organize baby stuff + research freezer meals.
You'll see below that my only action steps towards taking inventory of baby stuff was to pull the boxes out of our closet :) So that goal is migrating to February! I also want to research healthy and simple freezer meals to make in March, for when the baby is due in April!

4. Figure out Mail Chimp!
I'm excited to be overseeing the communications aspect of our little church plant (our newsletter, website, social media). We're using Mail Chimp for our newsletters and though it's a really simple program, I want to know it really well.

5. Write out my prayer thoughts + communicate them.
One of the things that is the most life-giving to me is praying for people and then sending them an email/card with thoughts that the Lord gave me in prayer. But I do NOT do this as often as I'd like to. I'm making it a goal to do this once a week. Starting small.

And here's a little recap of how I did with my January goals:

1. Make our new home livable - check!
There are a still unpacked boxes tucked into random corners and our walls are bare, but we've got the basics settled in each room. We can eat, rest, and have friends overs without too much shufflin' around, which feels like a small victory.

2. Read - semi-check! 
I barely cracked open the parenting book I've been wanting to read, but I did start reading Mended by Angie Smith, and it's ROCKING MY WORLD. I highly recommend it!

3. Plan our anniversary trip - CHECK!
We are going this weekend - I'm going to pee my pants from excitement. And maybe from being in my 3rd trimester? TMI?

4. Hang out with girlfriends at least twice - check!
This actually happened, and it was so life-giving.

5. Take inventory of baby stuff - womp womp. Nope.
But I did get Brian to pull out all our boxes of baby gear. That's a start?

6. Speak life to my husband - a humble, check-ish.
While I did NOT do this perfectly, I honestly feel like the Lord gave me huge help in this area. My tired, cranky words stayed in my head more often, but more than that - I felt more passion and genuine
ease in encouraging Brian on a daily basis. Being that I'm in my 3rd trimester and could easily nag and complain, I'm giving ALL the good moments to Jesus this month :) And I'm taking this challenge again for February, though I haven't listed it above.

What goals do you have for February?

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