Monday, February 10, 2014

30 weeks + awkward moments

I'm 30 weeks along tomorrow - what?!?!?!
This makes me equal parts relieved and anxious. In general I'm feeling pretty well, which is such a blessing. Did I mention that I finally gave in and bought one of those super cool belly support bands? I'm carrying this boy sooooo low and it's taking a toll on every part of my body, so the band really helps. (Besides being a really cool accessory.)

Being this far along has provided some great awkward moments. My three favorite as of late:

1. While standing in a group of people chatting and holding a plate of veggies, I dropped a snap pea that was covered in ranch. It bounced off my chest, and landed on my belly, where it JUST SAT AND DIDN'T MOVE ONE MILLIMETER. My giant belly has become a landing pad for all sorts of food particles, it's really classy.

2. Piggybacking on #1, I was feeling all cool about being able to balance a Starbucks cup on my belly with no hands, and then the baby kicked so hard that the cup fell over.

3. When people ask me how for along I am, I answer, and then they reply, "You have until April?!" or "You have that long left?!" 2nd baby + 4'8" body = just a really big belly.
With 9 weeks left, we are trying to prepare as much as my molasses-slow body will allow. I've started to sort baby clothes, have been Pinning freezer meals (yay for working on my February goals!), and signed Nicholas up for a sibling class at our hospital. Man oh man, I can't wait to meet this little boy, kiss his sweet face, and watch him and Nicholas begin their relationship as brothers!

I'll end today with a quote that has really been inspiring me, from last week's Thrive Moms newsletter. If you aren't signed up for this weekly encouragement, GO DO IT!
"Behind every sacrifice is an alter. With each sacrifice we are either setting up alters for the Lord or for ourselves... In order for our lives as mothers to be a pleasing aroma to our families and to God, we'll need God to change our perspective so that we view everything asked and required of us as an opportunity to build an alter to Him."

Will you join me today in asking the Lord to change our hearts and to build alters to Him as we change diapers and discipline kiddos and fold laundry? I need this reminder in most moments.

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