Wednesday, January 1, 2014

waddup 2014 (a new season and new things!)

It's strange and exciting and a little nerve-wracking that you are here.

I'll admit that the last few months of 2013 were a little bit meager and gloomy, in terms of my presence on the internet. My sister and I have been joking that I secretly quit blogging but just didn't tell anyone. That's definitely not true, but it has been a good thing for my heart to step back a little bit from writing.
I've been sorting through a lot of things in my heart, as these past months have been rocky and unpredictable. Sometimes when your heart is sifting through deep and heavy things, it's ok for your voice to be quieter. So that's "where I've been."

I spent a lot of time in December really asking the Lord what was next, for my personal life, family, ministry, my involvement on the internet, etc. He's given me a lot of hope, and a little butt-kicking, in all of those areas. So my voice might be getting a little louder around here. (Which excites me because I really have missed the rhythm of writing here and engaging with my wonderful readers!)

Plus - there is a really cute toddler and a giant baby belly that the internet just can't miss out on :)

A few things I'm excited about sharing in these months to come...
- Glimpses of our new place - we move this week, yahoo!!!!
- Our baby boy who is coming in 3 and a half months!
- Some things that the Lord has been doing in my heart in this season of waiting and quiet.
- Snippets about Thrive Moms and the Influence Network!
- All the exciting + kooky + scary things that are coming with the church plant.
- Some fun giveaways!
- A fun and encouraging look into my experience with life coaching the last few months.
- A mix of encouragement, family life, mama stuff, heart + faith things, sarcasm, and practicality.

Here's to a most-likely-crazy 2014, with a faithful God walking by my side each step of the way!

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