Wednesday, January 22, 2014

stay at home mom meets life coaching, part two {the practical stuff}

On Monday I shared where I was coming from when I started my life coaching sessions with Jes of Ignite Life Coaching. It was a unique experience for someone to ask me about my dreams and passions, when I was in such a frazzled state of mind.

I wasn't even sure how to answer the question of "what are your dreams and passions?" Because of the major transition my family was in (never mind being super morning sick), normal daily tasks were overwhelming.

But it was amazing - by chatting with Jes, I was able to re-identify what was important to me. Both on a dreamy/large scale, and on an everyday task kind of scale. Jes was awesome at very sincerely listening to me and then asking really good questions. It felt like a conversation with a friend who really cared, and who was also a life coach. :)

- We met every two weeks via phone (it was great to schedule this out in advance!)
- We chatted first for an hour, then two 30-minute sessions. I planned these around naptimes or when someone would be home to watch Nicholas.
- Jes and I started at where I was actually at in life - we didn't start with me as some high-powered business lady. We talked about my current life season, and how my values/passions could be played out in this season.
- We made realistic, life-giving, and purposeful goals. Which for me, meant SMALL.
As a queasy, stay at home mom in the middle of huge transition, this looked like:
       - NOT starting with "write a book!" or "start this ministry!"
       - Looking at both my dreams/passions AND my practical needs
       - I started with things like: Organizing my household paperwork in a binder. Blog twice a week.
- I had about two weeks in between each session to put my goals into practice. Sometimes I did great, other times we had to adjust my goals.
- We were also able to talk about matters of my heart, and how to set goals for those. Like:
       - Set aside time to pray for women in the ministries I'm involved in.
       - Write more freely.
       - These often took Jes and I strategizing about how to not just say "write freely," but what it would feel and look like for me to do that in real life, in real time. SO HELPFUL!

Life coaching was such a helpful experience because I had someone to bounce ideas off of, strategize with, and dream with. I had a cheerleader, a different voice than mine, and a friend. And it really helps that Jes was obviously skilled and experienced in this field! :)

- Learned how to set goals, even in a stressful season of life, and make steps to actually fulfill them.
- Zeroed-in on my values and passions - and made action steps for how to live them out.
- Started effectively using a planner/calendar (which is still going strong 4 months after we began.)
- Began sharing an online calendar with my husband that we actually still use - revolutionary for us!
- Took steps towards being a more present and engaged mom, wife, and friend. HUGE.
- Felt less helpless during transition, and more ready to live and take on life.
- Felt like a more clearheaded and ready mom, wife, and servant of Christ.
- Became a more organized "homemaker", if you will. Still working on this one. :)
- Felt MUCH much more capable, refreshed, and excited about the crazy season God had us in than when I started my sessions.

I think so.
I think that stay at home moms, single workin' ladies, working moms, ministry people, young adults, seasoned corporate CEO's could ALL truly benefit from a few sessions with Ignite Life Coaching.

And - those goals you set for 2014? The dreams you have for this year?
Why not set yourself up for success and chat with someone about how you are truly going to live them out? Life coaching could be an amazing tool for you this year, NO MATTER WHAT season you are in. Take it from frazzled, preggo me.


If you have questions about my life coaching experience, please comment or email me!

If you'd like to get in touch with Jes to start your coaching experience, you can reach her at her website, as well as by emailing


I received three free life-coaching sessions with Ignite Life Coaching, in exchange for sharing with my readers about my experience. But even if this hadn't been my agreement with Ignite Life Coaching, I absolutely would have shared about it with you, because I believe in Jes and what this experience did for me personally. 

I am not guaranteeing specific end results from using Ignite Life Coaching, as we are all in different seasons of life and have different personal needs. I do however think that there are positive benefits from life coaching, so I am sharing my personal experience.

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