Monday, January 20, 2014

stay at home mom meets life coaching, part one

I am so that girl who writes things in her planner and then forgets to open it for weeks.
I rarely set goals for fear of not fulfilling them, and my life for the past 5 months has been lived in messy piles and half-opened boxes. The idea of dreaming, or "me time," or even a place to stash my receipts has seemed like a far off wish for some other woman's heart.

Then I met Jes of Ignite Life Coaching.
Right on the cusp of our move (in August), I connected with Jes about doing a few life coaching sessions. I'd never met with a life coach, and to be honest I had always thought that life coaching was for corporate workin' women - not a stay at home mom who's biggest goal is to organize her mail. I'm so glad that I was wrong about who could benefit from life coaching, because it was a truly life changing experience for me.

I first knew that my time spent with Jes was going to truly change my life for the better when she asked me about my values and my passions in our opening session. Together, we were going to make sure that I was actually living out my God-given passions and fulfilling the responsibilities He's given me.
Remembering this specific phone call with Jes makes me cry.
Because of the chaos of moving and being super morning sick, etc., I had been making most of my decisions out of desperation. I didn't feel like I was moving in a specific direction, let alone living out God's call on my life. I felt like I was just surviving.

I also felt like a failure, in relation to the gifts God has given me and the dreams He'd put on my heart.
I knew that those things were present, but I felt like I was wasting them.
I was in major transition, was so tired, and I didn't know where to even start. I knew that God had so much grace for me, but I also really wanted to steward well the gifts He's given me. But I didn't have the tools to begin.

Maybe you're like me. 
Maybe you're a mom of little ones and you've got dreams from the Lord, but exhaustion and a jam-packed schedule have crowded out your passions.

Maybe you've just gone through a major transition and you don't know how to do "normal" life things, let alone be passionate about something.

Maybe it's been a long, hard season filled with doubt and frustration and closed doors.

You probably need some help. You don't need to shame yourself any more, or set unrealistic goals. You probably need some tools (and a big helping of God's huge grace).

I honestly think that life-coaching could be that tool. And I think that Jes could help you, wherever you're at, move closer towards living out your passions. (And in case you're wondering, I did end up organize those receipts.)


Later this week I'm going to go into the specifics of what the coaching experience was like, what I've taken away from it, and who I think would benefit from meeting with a life-coach. This was the "heart stuff", and I'll get more practical and bullet-point-ish next time!

I received three free life-coaching sessions with Ignite Life Coaching, in exchange for sharing with my readers about my experience. But even if this hadn't been my agreement with Ignite Life Coaching, I absolutely would have shared about it with you, because I believe in Jes and what this experience did for me personally. 

I am not guaranteeing specific end results from using Ignite Life Coaching, as we are all in different seasons of life and have different personal needs. I do however think that there are positive benefits from life coaching, so I am sharing my personal experience.

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