Monday, January 13, 2014

preppin' for two

Two boys. What a privilege. And how high the number of grass stains I’m going to scrub out of tiny jeans. :)

Now that I’m just two weeks away from my third trimester, the reality of my impending mothering of two kiddos is setting in. I will have children. Four fat, tiny hands reaching out to be held, two sweet faces to cover with millions of kisses, and two boys who will be brothers - I can’t wait! I’m also really, really nervous. Will I adapt well to the juggling act? Will I ever sleep with an early-raising toddler and night-owl newborn? 

My first two trimesters absolutely sped by and I barely had time to think about preparing for this baby (raising a toddler and moving a billion times will do that to you). But now, the closeness of my due date and the reminder of my gigantic belly have me doing a lot of prep work. In a few weeks, we’ll pick my c-section date. We’re preparing Nicholas’ new bedroom in a way that he can play independently when I’m putting Baby2 down for a nap/feeding him. There are million details floating around in my brain.

I’m so grateful for this little boy’s life. I can’t wait to see how he fits in to our family. I know that I won’t be perfectly prepared - I certainly wasn’t with Nicholas. But I hope that the Lord continues to prepare my heart, as I prepare our home. And I hope my maternity clothes still fit by the time this baby is born, because this mama’s belly is getting biiiig. 

I will gladly take advice about the transition from one child to two - give me all your wisdom! 

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