Monday, January 6, 2014

january goals

Realistic. Life-giving. Purposeful.
These are the types of goals I want to set, especially in this crowded, crazy season of my life. I typically find goal-setting overwhelming and feel inadequate to complete them before I start, but when I really examined what types of goals could be life-giving for this season of my life, it became refreshing and empowering instead of burdensome.

My goals for this month aren't huge and they aren't one size fits all. I'm excited to complete a few things (or get close to completion), be intentional with important areas of my life, and hopefully best serve the people around me. 

Realistic. Life-giving. Purposeful. January goals, let's hit it! 

1. Make our new home livable.
Eep, I'm so excited about this goal! We moved to an apartment on Sunday, after four months of living with extremely generous and helpful family. One month isn't enough time to have every room exactly how I want it, but my goal is to be able to live - usable kitchen, a living room that we can relax in, and putting Nicholas' room together in a way that he can enjoy and play.

2. Read. 
I probably won't finish both the books I've already started, but I'm committing to read a few chapters of each. Reading = rest to me, and also personal growth in ministryand parenting.

3. Plan our anniversary trip. 
Brian and I celebrated five years of marriage in October and we're hoping to take a little weekend trip in February. If I plan it this month, we might actually go! :)

4. Hang out with girlfriends, at least twice. 
I need friends in my life! They make me better and bring life and show me Jesus. Enough said.

5. Take inventory of baby stuff.
All of our belongings have been in storage since August, so I can finally unpack the baby items that I had for Nicholas. I need to know what I have, so that I know what else we need!

6. Speak life to my husband.
Brian has been working his butt off (like so many husbands do). He also delights in engaging with Nicholas, serves and loves my pregnant self, and thinks of others so often. I want to spend my words speaking life to him. I want to encourage him, demonstrate that I believe in him, and let Jesus use me in the unique role I have in Brian's life. All by God's grace because I am so easily snarky and selfish.

What are some of your goals for the month, or even this week?
Don't try to set goals for someone else's season - what can YOU do to bring life and be purposeful?

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