Friday, January 3, 2014

7 most awkward preggo moments in 2013

Whether I'm pregnant or not, I'm always kind of an awkward person. I have bad spacial awareness, blurt out my thoughts too quickly, and I'm super short. Tack being pregnant onto all of that, and I'm the perfect storm of awkwardness. 2013/the first half of my pregnancy saw a fair share of awkward preggo moments, so I thought I'd share my tops 7 awkward moments in 2013:

7. When not being able to button your pants is what prompts you to take a pregnancy test in the first place. (And you're only 4.5 weeks along.) Belly bands, baby, belly bands.

6. At 8 weeks along, several people in your life are absolutely convinced that you are having twins. You're definitely only having one baby.

5. When a handful of strangers get to watch you chase your wild 2-year-old through the aisles of Target, all the while sporting a very round belly, which makes it hard for you to run very fast at all.

4. When you accidentally dress up like Santa for Christmas, red round belly, belt and all.

3. When your toddler wants to "see the baby" (lifts your shirt up) and yells, "baby come out!" as he slaps your bare belly. Sometimes in public.

2. When you forget that you parked next to a curb (pregnancy brain?), pick up your toddler out of their car seat and turn around, only to fall over the curb and land halfway on your toddler, halfway on your pregnant belly. Awkward and painful.

1. When you're belly button has been sticking out so long that your toddler can expertly point it out, especially in front of other people. Also, when two adults in one day poke your belly button through your shirt.

I'm sure that 2014 will bring even more awkward pregnant moments, so stay tuned.

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