Thursday, December 19, 2013

mamas, we are not consumed {a preview}

The other day, I was on my last leg. My pregnant body was exhausted, my toddler hadn't stopped talking long enough to take a breath the entire day, and my husband and I were making some big decisions for our family's future. I was overwhelmed in every way. So when my 2-year-old sauntered up to ask me one more question, I did what I never want to do. I yelled at him, let out a big sigh, and watched as his little lips began to quiver.

In that moment I felt so unworthy of God's mercy. Yelling at my sweet little kiddo for no real reason, unable to act like the adult in the situation and restrain myself? What kind of good mom does that?

Often times when I mess up as a mom (or wife or friend), I carry my failure around with me. I don't want to let the guilt go. I'll probably mess up again in a similar way, so how can I just accept forgiveness and move on?

When I'm in this place, the Lord speaks firmly:
"My mercies are new every morning."

Yup, I know...

Finish the rest of this post by clicking over to the Thrive blog. I'm privileged to share at Thrive, which is an incredible ministry for mamas just like you and me.

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