Wednesday, December 11, 2013

giving myself permission to let traditions go, for now

This year my Christmas decorations are sitting in a box inside of our very full storage unit. Our stockings, Nicholas' toy nativity scene, our ornaments - all out of reach (unless I bribe my husband with a million dollars to unpack our entire storage unit just for two boxes).

In less than a month we get to move into our own place (yipee! Huge answer to prayer!) and all the boxes will be under our own roof. But Christmas will be over and those boxes will stay unopened until next year. For a gal who grew up with Christmas traditions galore, this is a little bit hard. I would love for this year's Christmas to look like "our" Christmas.

Yet for the sake of not missing what Christmas is actually about and actually enjoying this season with my family, I'm letting the traditions go. We're putting them on hold until next year, and that's ok!

I want to be less concerned with what doesn't feel "traditional" and more focused on Nicholas' face when he sees the lights of a Christmas tree. Who cares if the Christmas tree isn't at my house? He feels the same amount of wonder and joy as if it was our tree. Also, no tree at my house means less work for me. That brings some joy and wonder to my Christmas season! :)

The joys of Jesus and family don't have to be directly tied to years of tradition. Someday, I would love for my kids to excitedly anticipate what comes each year this season - but for now I'm just enjoying creating memories together.

I'm giving myself permission to let go of traditions this year - and if you need that permission, I'm giving it to you too.

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