Tuesday, December 3, 2013

december hopes + four words

December is a crazy month for most of us (and hello, did Thanksgiving just zoom past or what?). As this month has begun, I've felt the Lord impress four words on my heart that I'd love to share with you:

This month holds family birthdays (ack - Nicholas turns two tomorrow!), as well as is our first Christmas season living near our families. I really want to soak in time together, create memories that aren't based on have-to traditions or stress, and just enjoy being together. 

I just can't get away from this one. The She Reads Truth "Give Thanks" devotional continues to wreck my heart, and I want to carry that into this season. Being reminded that our "constant state is a want of grace", but that "God is our constant supplier" is why we can be thankful in any circumstance. I want to dig into gratefulness and even lose speech over how much I've been given. 

Confession time - I think about myself and what I need/want a lot. But I'm asking the Lord to turn my eyes towards Him, and towards others. I know that though I am weak, He can use what little I have to bless someone else and I don't want to miss that. 

I want to see Jesus this month. And though He is all around all the time, I so often miss Him because I'm fussing over details or being a bit selfish. What's awesome is that He pursues and so I'm not fighting an uphill battle in wanting to be more aware of Him - He will help me! I want my heart to be squeezed with thankfulness when Nicholas yells, "Happy Birthday Jee-uh!" I want to stop for a moment and breathe in the wonder of God coming to earth as a tiny baby human.

What are your hopes for this month? Don't stress and strive to figure them out, but ask the Lord to give you eyes to see, moments to pause, and people to simply love. That's what I'm doing. 

Beautiful advent calendar cards made by Naptime Diaries.

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