Monday, November 11, 2013

so about that little person growing in my belly. it's a...

Tiny, sweet, already energetic, little...

We are absolutely thrilled. 
Brothers. Buds!
Thinking about Nicholas with his little brother makes my heart all kinds of jumpy, in a really good way. And makes me wonder how much money I'm going to spend on groceries as they get older. Nicholas already eats like a high school football player. Now let's multiply that by 2...

I love that the Lord is writing the story of our family. I've had no control over what "kind" of baby this little one is, because God is already writing his story - how cool is that? This little guy is already part of a plan way bigger than me, and bigger even than our family. 

Ahh! Knowing that a little BOY is growing in my belly just makes me want to meet him even more. Thank you Lord for this little dude, and thank you friends and family for being excited with us. Boys, wooh!

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